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Noah's Pride

American Humane Certified

We’re Proud of Our Humane Treatment of Animals

Our new state-of-the-art cage free aviaries and processing center are the finest anywhere.  Our aviaries have a completely open design that promotes bird movement vertically within the aviary.  Each level has its own feeding and drinking line, perches, nests, extra wide egg belts for collecting eggs, and cleaning belt. We can control and maintain even temperatures from level to level.  Our aviaries are very clean which means greater hygiene and bird wellbeing.  The tunnel air ventilation circulates fresh air and the daily manure belt removal system keeps the air quality control high for our birds and our employees.aviary

We are proud to be AHA, American Humane Certified. AHA is a third party audit and certification program to encourage and support the humane treatment of animals used for food.



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