Why Noah’s Pride

At Noah’s Pride, we think family farming still matters.

Maybe that’s why we are the last full scale egg and dairy farm left in the United States.

Yes, a real, working farm that raises our animals the right way. A family farm that embraces old world values and the traditions of those who came before us. A good neighbor and good stewards of the land. A farm where quality comes first, born from hard work, sustainable practices, and a dedication to food safety.

Old World Heritage and Values

50 years ago, all dairy farms used to have cows and chickens. As farms grew over the past 50 years however, they specialized one way or the other. What makes Kreider Farms/Noah’s Pride unique is our old world heritage and commitment to dairy and egg farming. We continue to follow the heritage of the past and stay true to our roots.

We are recognized leaders in both the dairy industry and the egg industry. When you buy any of our egg or dairy products, you are getting a special kind of heritage and dedication to dairy and egg farming and growing crops that you just can’t get most anywhere else.

Dedication to Quality

Noah’s Pride has the highest quality standards and facilities in the United States. Our new state of the art facilities offer the highest levels of food safety, animal welfare and employee welfare of any egg farm in the United States.


SQF Institute
USDA Organic

We were the second egg farm in the United States to become SQF Certified (Safe Quality Food).


In 2008, Kreider Farms was awarded the Family Farm Environmental Excellence award, presented by the US Poultry and Egg Association

  • We’ve installed solar panels on our chicken houses and processing center to produce clean energy
  • Our Bion waste treatment facility enables us to recycle chicken and cow manure into retail home gardening products
  • We have built Riparian buffers along the streams running though our farms to reduce the waste that enters waterways and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay
  • We utilize no-till farming to reduce soil erosion and save fuel
  • We own and farm over 3,000 acres of farmland in the Lancaster County area which otherwise would be turning into track homes, business parks and shopping centers

Animal Welfare

We’re dedicated to the humane treatment of our chickens. In fact, we’ve replaced 100% of our egg production and processing facilities with new state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Our standard brown eggs are produced in new state-of-the-art colony cage housing that provides more space and better ventilation for our hens.
  • Our cage free and cage free organic eggs are produced in cage free aviaries that have a completely open design that promotes bird movement vertically within the aviary.
  • Daily manure removal provides a super clean, fresh environment for our chickens.

We’re also very conscious of how we feed our cage free, organic and free range chickens, providing an all vegetarian diet with no animal by-products to our hens.

Plus, we also never use antibiotics or growth hormones*.

The result is fresh, nutritious eggs, from our farm to your table.

*no hormones are used in the production of shell eggs.

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