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Noah's Pride

Egg Cartons




Our Lancaster County Family Farming Heritage.

Christian Hershey came to Lancaster County in 1717.  His grandson, Christian Hershey, bought 400 acres of land and built the first farmhouse in 1736.
Many generations of Hershey farming families worked the land and raised their families, until Noah W. Kreider, his wife, the former Mary R. Hershey, purchased
the farm from her father, John B Hershey.  Noah and Mary, along with their two sons, Richard and Noah Jr., moved into the farm in 1935.Noah Sr. and Noah Jr.

They started with 103 acres of land, a dozen dairy cows and 200 chickens.  In the early years, they took vegetables they grew in their garden to Manheim and peddled them from house to house.   As their sons grew older and married, the family bought adjoining the farms and expanded their egg business.  Noah and Mary came from a long line of farmers, who immigrated to this country to make a better life for themselves and their family.  They lived by their philosophy that emphasized high quality, hard work, and a willingness to take risks, while demonstrating the highest of moral and ethical values from their Swiss-German Mennonite ancestors.  They believed in being good neighbors and good stewards of the land.  Their principles and beliefs continue to guide us as we look for new opportunities for the future.

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