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Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Sustainability Park: Developed on what was part of the Kreider Farms homestead, this 4-acre park provides access to a high-volume water well and provides high-quality drinking water for the community.  Open to the public from dusk to dawn, the park includes a ¼ mile walking trail loop that traverses through meadows, by several rain gardens, and alongside a maturing wooded riparian buffer.

No Till: To protect the environment, we employ “No Till” Farming, also called zero tillage or direct drilling, which is a way of growing crops or pasture from year to year without disturbing the soil through tillage.  This technique increases the amount of water that infiltrates into the soil, increases organic, matter retention and helps to reduce or eliminate soil erosion.Manure_Bion

Solar Power: We installed solar panels on the roofs of our 4 new state-of-the-art chicken houses at our Manheim egg processing facility, covering over 67,000 sq. ft. of roof space.
The 3,226 solar panels generate approximately 1.1 million kilowatts of clean, renewable energy each year with enough electric energy to power 100 average-sized homes.

Home Gardening Products: Kreider Farms recycles and mixes 75% cow manure with 25% chicken manure to make a high quality retail 1-1-1 manure blend mix. We also use this mix to blend into a rich potting mix all for home gardening use.

Waste Management: Our Bion Waste Treatment Facility uses new, advanced micro-aerobic digestion technology to provide on-site treatment of wastewater and storm water on the livestock farm.  The result is a dramatic reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus from animal waste that would otherwise enter local watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay downstream.  We use the manure solids collected from this process to make a Premium Dehydrated Manure Blend, for the home gardener.

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