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Cage Free, Organic & Pasture Raised Eggs

Noah’s Pride is a specialty egg brand by Kreider Farms, a leading producer and distributor of premium eggs, milk, and ice cream in Lancaster, PA.

At Noah’s Pride we are eggs-tremely dedicated to our Lancaster County farming heritage and our farm fresh cage free and organic eggs are born from over 275 years of rich family farming culture.

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Noah Jr and Sr on the Farm

About Our Hens

Noah's Pride Cage Free Avaries

We’re dedicated to the humane treatment of our chickens. In fact, we’ve replaced 100% of our egg production facilities with new, modern facilities that provide more space, better ventilation and daily manure removal.

Humane Treatment Means Better Eggs

Our cage-free and organic birds are American Humane Certified.

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About Our Eggs

man holding Noah's Pride egg carton

Our cage free and organic brown birds are free to roam around our barns in a cage free environment. When it comes time for them to lay their eggs they utilize a modern cage free system with ladders and open nests for roosting. Our pasture raised birds are alloted 108 square feet per hen with ample indoor and outdoor access allowing them to forage and roam.

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