Being American Humane Certified

American Humane Cage Free ChickensNoah’s Pride eggs not only pay homage to the Kreider Family heritage, but our Cage Free and Organic Eggs are also American Humane Certified™ through their Farm Program, meaning that you can enjoy our eggs with peace of mind.

man holding chicken“Consumers today are looking for food that is local; that is sustainably raised by people who care about the animals. Quality and animal welfare are part of who we are, we eat, sleep and breathe animal welfare, sustainability and taking care of our land. That’s why we’re happy to be American Humane Certified.” – Ron Kreider, 3rd generation president and CEO.

For those that may be unfamiliar with American Humane, The American Humane Certified certification program is the United States’ first animal welfare program dedicated to the humane treatment of farm animals and is the fastest-growing independent animal welfare label program in the U.S. with certified producers representing some 1 billion farm animals through American Humane Association’s science-based program.

Contracted third-party auditors are rigorously trained in American Humane Certified species-specific standards. As consumers and retailers are increasingly concerned about how food is raised, producers are seeking independent verification for the marketplace. The American Humane Certified program works closely with its independent Scientific Advisory Committee, agricultural professionals and producers to ensure that advances in farm animal welfare and best practices are part of American Humane Association’s certification standards.

At Noah’s Pride we are 100% committed to providing the best animal welfare and sustainability practices that we can, giving our hens what they need and allowing them to exhibit normal behaviors and give them the healthy, happy lives they deserve. As part of our certification, we ensure that the governing principles developed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) known as the “Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare” are observed within our Cage Free and Organic facilities:

Freedom from hunger and thirst.

Freedom from discomfort.

Freedom from pain, injury or disease.

Freedom from fear and distress.

Freedom to express normal behaviors.

American Humane Certified LogoAmerican Humane CertifiedTM is the largest certifier of cage-free eggs in the United States. Founded in 1877, they are committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals and created the first welfare certification program in the country. Their science-based animal welfare standards compliment Noah’s Pride’s mission to be transparent and authentic with consumers.

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