Egg Carton Crafts

Take a little brain break from schooling at home and put your little one’s creative mind to use using something everyone has [or should have] in their refrigerator: egg cartons! Instead of recycling your cartons this week, lets upcycle them together! While any kind of egg carton will do, we found that the pulp cartons worked best for these specific projects below.


Egg Carton Friends

 Grab some paint, googly eyes and hot glue and turn your cartons into cute little critters! We made a Ladybug, Caterpillar and an Octopus but we’re sure that you can come up with a whole lot more!

For our Ladybug, we started by cutting apart our egg carton into 12 individual cups. Add some red paint and black dots and let dry before adding a red pom-pom, pipe cleaner antenna and googly eyes with hot glue!


Our very cute [and hungry] Caterpillar was made by painting some green and red egg cup pieces together and adding some antenna and eyes! Take it a step further and try making all the treats that he eats through!



Make our crazy Octopus friend by painting your egg cup however you like and then cutting some strips of paper and rolling them up so that they curl. Glue these down around the outside of the body, add googly eyes and there you go!



Hanging Bird Feeder

Feed your little friends with this easy to make bird feeder. Just cut the top off your egg carton and add a small hole to each corner. Thread some string through either end and tie at your desired length. Fill up with some bird seed and hang off a tree branch or bracket!




Save this one from the holidays and make your own egg carton ornaments or garland! Just cut apart the bottom of your cartons and decorate them however you like! We cut ours into some flower shapes painted them colorfully, but you could cover yours in glitter, paint white to look like snowballs or decorate however your creative mind flows! Once all your cups are decorated, just poke a hole through the middle and add a looped string for an ornament or string them all on one piece for a garland!

If you try one of these crafts, let us know! We’d love to see your creations so make sure to tag us @noahspride on Facebook and Instagram!